Air Skates Heavy Machine Movers

Air skates are able to lift a huge amount of weight and is a service that RAMM specialises in.

Air skates are pneumatically powered systems that use compressed air. They are easy to set up and safe to use. With everything set up correctly and used by experience operators from RAMM they are one of the most powerful heavy load moving systems.

Our crews at RAMM are very experienced and proficient in the use of such systems to move heavy loads. This heavy lifting system system allows small crews to move large heavy equipment with relative ease in confined spaces as the load glides across the floor on a thin film of air.

The following video demonstrates RAMM operating air skates to successfully move a 5 ton pharmaceutical x-ray machine in a confined space.


  • Air Skates Heavy Machinery by RAMM
  • RAMM using air skates to move heavy machinery
  • RAMM operating air skates moving 4.5t pharmaceutical machine